What is School of Revival?

School of Revival is a supernatural ministry school which, with a combination of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry curriculum and our own curriculum, will take students on a transformative journey of growing in identity, intimacy, and power.

Students will leave our school looking more like Jesus and more like themselves as they step into new levels of freedom, and wholeness, and learn to bring others into this as well.

Our Vision

Becoming revival in our lives, in our communities, and in our world.

We believe that revival is God’s idea, and His plan for Australia and the world. There are many prophetic words that point to this, and we believe we live in the days where we are going to see that great outpouring. We want to position ourselves for that revival, and see a sustained move of God happen in Australia and the world.

Our Mission

Building courageous resilient, and passionate sons and daughters who out of deep and growing intimacy overflow and release revival into their world.

We believe that everything needs to come out of intimacy with God. Anything that does not come out of intimacy gets twisted and messy. Ministry that happens outside of intimacy becomes about performance, and leads to burnout. When we are connected with God and flowing from intimacy ministry is just a natural byproduct of that connection. It’s simply an overflow of our relationship with Him.

Our Team

The School of Revival team is made up of a group of diverse, hungry, and passionate lovers of God.

Jim and Katherine McIntyre


Jim and Katherine are alumni of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry having completed three years there. They interned for the BSSM School Planting Department and for a Revival Group Pastor in BSSM respectively during their third year.

Jim is passionate about leadership development, revival, and seeing people step into their full potential. He is a gifted communicator, powerful leader, and a loving pastor of people.

Katherine loves discovering the mysteries in the heart of God, and is passionate about people experiencing God's presence and hearing His voice. She is a powerful prophetic voice who operates from a deep place of intimacy, and helps others unlock those areas in their own lives.

The four pillars of student life

Life Changing Teaching

With a combination of BSSM curriculum, and live teaching we’ll go on a journey of identity, connection, and authority. As well as going through our curriculum together in main class time, there will be electives which will create opportunities for students to pursue specific areas of growth. In addition, special guest speakers will come and share from around Australia and abroad.

Presence Focused

In every element of school life we will be focusing on and creating time for God’s presence. It’s His presence that changes us more than anything else. It’s in His presence that peace, joy, purpose, life, and freedom are found. Every day will begin with worship, and even in the moments where we are not actively worshipping Him with music we will be focused on and operating from God’s presence.

Intentional Pastoring

Our team will pour hope over you. We will believe in you, love you, and support you with intentionality as we work together with you to help you grow, heal, and develop. Each student will be assigned a mentor and a pastor that they will meet with a minimum of once a term.

Powerful Community

When community is healthy it is life-giving, healing, and catapults you forward in your growth. Together with you we will build a healthy community made up of powerful people hungrily pursuing revival and growth together. Students will be a part of a small group where they will share, and process together.

A week in the life of School of Revival


6pm to 9PM on both Wednesday and Thursday nights are our two in-class sessions. These times will include teaching, activation, and worship.


This will include required readings from our reading list that will correspond with the topic we are focussed on. There will be book reports, weekly journal tasks and other written homework. None of it will be overly difficult and we will always be seeking for students to engage with the content rather than looking for the “right” answer.

Small Group

Students will be split into diverse small groups of the same gender. There they will share, connect, and go deep together. Small groups will be a place of vulnerability, connection, and learning from each other’s differences. The small groups can work out a time that suits them together and if no time can be found that suits everyone in the group we will work to place you in a group that works with your schedule.

Church Service

We want students to attend their own church. We are not looking to remove anyone from their church community and it is our heart to be a resource to the churches of the region but we do ask that students be actively involved in a church and attending that church at least once a week.

Other parts of school life


We will have a variety of outreach opportunities, at a variety of times and will hopefully find something that works for everyone’s schedule. Outreach will be about taking risks, stretching ourselves, and sharing the love of Jesus with others.

Pastoring and Mentoring

You will be assigned a pastor as well as a mentor and have at least of one meeting per term with each. These meetings will be focussed on your growth, working through things, and helping you to flourish.


In the first few weeks of school we will have a weekend retreat with the entire school. This is an incredibly important part of the school year and will be mandatory unless there are extreme circumstances.

Mission Trips

While not mandatory there will be mission trip options available both domestically and internationally which are highly encouraged. Note that students will be responsible for raising their own funds for mission trips.

Ministry Opportunities

There will also be opportunities for students to do local one day ministry trips traveling with our school leaders or Overflow Church staff. These are also optional but will be great opportunities for students to put into practice the things they have been learning and to be activated and empowered.


The full cost of tuition $3000 of which 10% will be required as a deposit shortly after your application is successful. Broken down, that's is $75 a week for 40 weeks of school or $250 a month for a life changing investment into your personal growth and development. Also, for this year we are offering a married couple discount of $5700.

The cost of the school covers:

  • your attendance for the 40 weeks of school
  • school retreat
  • books on the required reading list
  • access to the BSSM online content platform
  • access to our School of Revival online community

It does not include missions.

We do not want finances to be something that prevents people from attending our school but at the same time we firmly believe that you value what you pay a price for. We want students who are willing to pay a price to invest in their growth however if finances are a constraint we are willing to work with you to make it work where we can.

Applications are now open for 2022!

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More questions?

For more information, or if you have any enquiries contact us at hello@schoolofrevival.com.au or at the Overflow Church office on 0249829123.